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What I can bring you and why

Being hypersensitive to places, I first trained as an Interior designer  20 years ago... Already!

The techniques  were not as developed, nor the open-mindedness for that matter. 

Five years ago I took conscience how my clients were seeking wellness first.

They  needed to be oriented to choose: the orientation of their house, their furniture, in which materials

and above all, what colors and where. So that their place of life or work is truly rejuvenating, to be able to better cope with the stress of everything that has led to burnout in recent years.

Les enseignements en Feng-shui sur mon île natale Singapour et en Géobiologie sur le lieu de mes origines bretonnes ainsi que mes années d'expérience à travers les vies de mes clients m'ont brought these knowledge.

In addition to the techniques architectural, waves of forms, conscious decoration and cleaning of the memories of the walls.

  The Harmonization of Spaces is a knowledge that  encompasses all these  experiences lived through my clients or my personal travels, my personal encounters . It allows us to better adapt a place to its inhabitants and their well-being and not the opposite: to annihilate the "doing with"..

Harmoniser ses intérieurs est important car nos espaces de vie ou de travail sont les reflets de notre_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_inner: physical,  emotional and mental. Taking care of your body, your heart  and your psyche is essential but not sufficient if the place  that is supposed to replenish us not correctly.​​

How do I use Feng-Shui ​?

Although too often the victim of clichés, Feng-Shui is an age-old Asian technique that has proven itself in Asia and North America. Feng Shui is neither a religion nor a sleight of hand. This is a reflection  based on fundamental principles. The cardinal orientations correspond to different areas of your life (eg: North: career - East: health/family - South West: couple...).

By cutting your place into zones like a sudoku, your habitat will allow us to read the advantages and

offered by the place you have chosen. Together we will find the solutions to improve your well-being.​

How do I use Geobiology ​?

Geobiology as to it takes into account geographical data (water, underground metals telluric networks)_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58-d_519 on which we are working 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Let's recharge our batteries in our beds, sofas or sit for a while at the table, in front of our desks It also reveals   the electromagnetic waves and wifi that can have effects important on our healing.​

How do I use Clarification ​?

The clarification of the spaces allows the resetting of the memory of the walls.

These cleanings allow  to erase  bad vibes (conflicts, disputes, divorce, suffering, death) of a previous tenant, for example , but also following other events marquants,  in order to feel at peace at home.

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