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LThe cycle of 5 M-Cosi workshops

Participate in any or all of our five workshops

to discover or rediscover

how to improve your well-being in your interiors. 

The workshops are separable and  can be followed in any order.  

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Earth Workshop:

The Foundations of

Feng Shui

This workshop will allow you to discover the basics of Feng-Shui, the importance of the environment,

the movement of vital energy in space: the "chi", the balance of yin and yang, stairs, mirrors, disturbing arrows.

Metal workshop:

  The colors that make me feel good

This workshop will allow you to discover  the colors / shapes / materials / the best  furniture locations that energize you, calm you, control you in your decoration and how to use them to improve your well-being at home.

Water Workshop:

Geobiology in connection with theFeng Shui.

This workshop will allow you to discover the underground effects that drain your vitality, the effects of electromagnetic-magnetic waves that are very harmful to our health and our rest. You will discover how to protect yourself and avoid sabotaging yourself.

Wood workshop:

Analyze your plan in Feng-Shui.

This workshop will allow you to discover the cycle of the elements – the areas of the house that correspond to the different areas of our life (career – family – finances – projects etc…) and how to activate them. It will be a question of discovering how to decode the plan of your habitat.

Fire Workshop:

Clean up memory


This discovery workshop allows you to understand the importance of storage, filing, cleaning with simple & easy techniques for more peace of mind on a daily basis. As well as the usefulness of Stones, Crystals, Incense and Salts to clean one's interiors and feel serene at home.

A certificate at the end of the 5 workshops 

Certificat Formation M-COSI N1 Specimen.

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